Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is a cosmetic treatment that uses plasma,

An ionized gas, to tighten skin non-surgically. This treatment usually lasts approximately up to an hour. It is a non-invasive treatment that is virtually painless, requires no anesthesia, and there are no cuts or blood. While the treatment device itself never touches the skin, the plasma flash creates a tiny dot (carbon crusts) upon contact. These superficial dots, which form in a symmetrical grid over the treatment area, are part of the normal healing process and will fall off 5-7 days post-treatment. Patients can return to their normal activities right away with minimal discomfort.

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Nonsurgical Neck Lift:
Plasma Skin Tightening on the whole neck.

2 H 30 MIN


Four Areas on Face: 
• Fibroblasting Bundle
Select the 4 areas: Nasolabial Folds, upper lip, lower lip, jaw, upper eyelid, lower lid, crows feet, jawline, nose, frown lines, forehead lines, brow lift.


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