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Bb lip

BB Glow Lips is a relatively new procedure that boosts your lips colour, makes your lips look fuller, beautiful, and vital! What’s more, the appearance is not the only advantage of BB Glow lips treatment.

The BB Glow lip colorizing pigment has a moisturizing and nourishing effect on your lips that they become smoother, healthier, and younger! 


In comparison to traditional BB Glow skin treatment, this is a great alternative for women who are not keen on semi-permanent make up for any reason. While the BB Glow Derma Pen is till used for this treatment, the needle does not apply the pigment colour very deep into the skin. The treatment is performed in the top layer of the skin – the dermis, and the depth of pigment application ranges from 0.15 to 0.25 mm. 


Because the pigmentation colour is not applied very deep into the skin, the lasting effects may vary depending on a number of sessions. Always keep your lips moisturized after the treatment to pro-long the effect!

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Bb lip: 
Bbglow mix with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the lips and create a plumping effect.


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